December update: new comic you can buy! Also, new-ish video.

Hey hey, haven’t gotten to the PILE OF ART I need to scan and add to the FOLDER OF FILES I need to edit. Sheesh, get it together, me.

The first big news: you may have heard me talk about my friend Ed who passed away a couple of years ago. His friends found a script and some layouts for an autobiography about a difficult time in his life, divided up the pages, and had 150 artists finish it. Um, for reasons, the finished project was in limbo and for now it is available to download FOR FREE here. I drew two pages! Thanks for choosing me/allowing me to be part of this project, Team Ed. I miss him a lot.

Not for free is YOU CAN DO STUPID THINGS, which I made available on the store page. Get it for all your MAGA & KAV relatives, they’ll love it (no they won’t). It’s pretty dense for $5 before shipping so I think it’s a good deal, but I’m biased. But any purchases help me a bunch, so…please check it out.

Finally, here’s another entry in Watching Paint Dry. No sooner do I do this than there are announced vague rules changes on youtube with serious repercussions. However, I’m not really about monetizing that part so if my videos continued to be ignored, whatever. Please check it out, and don’t ignore…?

That’s it for now. If I don’t post much for December, hopefully it’s because I’m preparing for January & February to have more activity. See ya soon.

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