The end of the year

Get Political

I’m sure anyone who follows me is used to my rants about the current state of the supposed Democratic bubble that our leaders pretend to lead from. Stick to farting robots, some think. Well, you can’t shrug off what is going on. They’ll come for you next because they squeezed only so much out of the rest of us when we’ve given up. Don’t roll your eyes. Get involved, get on the right side, make sure the right thing is done.

I was afraid to make You Can Do Stupid Things (maybe Tough On Crime Just Not Mine is a better title, but YCDST was the title on my mind when I was putting it together) but I also felt guilty about not doing enough Trumpbot strips as news of his bizarre debauchery and disdain for anyone who wants a decent life breaks…on an hourly basis, sometimes. The barrel has no bottom with him. He’s enabled by evil who have been on a tear to destroy the opposition with no prisoners taken since 1994. I witnessed that and I don’t know why the opposition pretends that’s not the case. There’s no middle ground with these enablers, they want our blood and he’s going to give it to them. Stand up and do the right thing.

THIS YEAR has been a roller coaster. I hope to resume week-daily posts like I did for most of December, like I did in 2018, in 2020, and hopefully it’s not JUST dopey robots. More comic strips, podcasts, videos. THIS YEAR had downs and ups and my own energy to doing things between all that. Malfunctioning computer issues early in the year, failed hard drive, new job, severe anxiety adjusting, minor surgery, paying off minor surgery, etc etc.

Thank you thank you thank you for your support this 2019. Thank you for visiting the site and following me and RwC Jesse. Thank you for the likes & rt’s on the social media platforms. Just, thanks! I love doing Robots With Coffee, but you being here or there for me makes it even better than I’ve imagined the last 7-ish years.

Here’s some bonus bots.

Robros 057

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