You go to the war with the Commander In Chief you have, not the commander in chief you want

mort 160

A tidbit came out during the brink of war that our president was given some options from the Pentagon, and that standard practice since 9/11 is to give the Commander in Chief one terrible plan to make the other plans look better to the President and make a decent decision. They already know that when handed a map with the path of a hurricane, the man will take it upon himself to alter the map to back up some otherwise insignificant mistake or lie, with a lie, and keep lying. The tips of so many icebergs that say “when in doubt, guide the always wrong to do the right thing.”

But they gave him THE WRONG THING to do, in their minds, and they are shocked that he chose it. THAT IS WHAT HE WILL DO.


If you live in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, make sure you are registered to vote. If you are not, register. Other states as well, obviously, but a gentle reminder to people in these states.

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