Watching Paint Dry! C2E2! and more!

Hi friends. I fell behind my scanning & editing & uploading after a solid 6 weeks of weekdaily posts, but hopefully for a good reason: I’m going to be at C2E2 this February 28, 29, & March 1st! Whee! My friend Archangelo Crelencia managed to get a table in Artist Alley (N-14) at the last minute and he’s kindly splitting it with me. So in the past week or so I’ve had to kinda run around a bit making sure that files were up to date and reprinting copies of all my RwC comics (#1, Coloring Book, Princess Robo, and You Can Do Stupid Things). I’ll also have a bunch of 8×10 prints blah blah blah. This is a ‘dream come true’ for the both of us as neither of us have officially tabled at C2E2. I’ve hung out at other people’s booths for a day or all weekend and that was always nice but here I’m actually directly sharing my stuff with the people attending this fun show. So, come on by!

I don’t know if this will mean I will have material for the week after. Keep visiting though.

In the meantime, here’s 30 minutes you can spend and not get back: watching me paint! Whee!

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