an invite…to PAIN! (comic strip)

mort 193

I think this is the beginning of a large number of Mort Inkinbot strips about Bossbot, Coworkerbot, and Johnsontron. I scanned and edited a bunch this past weekend and I noticed those three appearing a lot.

What gives, where’ve I been? I strayed from the daily posts again – May and June were HAAAAAARD as far as my day job was concerned. I actually had more Mort strips to share than I did dopey robot drawings, but I didn’t share them (until now). This week will be just 2 Mort strips and then next week I might resume the week-daily posts.

The state of the world is not helping. Last year was an adjustment, and this year I was hoping to kick all the butts and go places, but THANKS PANDEMIC I’m at home feelin’ sad and lost in a world I never made. But that world is making me, and I need to get back on track.

See you Thursday, then next week.

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