On the fence (comic strip)

mort 204

Here’s a new comic strip. I drew this a couple of months ago. This and a few others took a while to clean up on the computer because I accidentally scanned them at 600 dpi – I usually scan them at 300 dpi. Harsh difference because I don’t erase the blue line pencils. They don’t show up too bad on 300 dpi, but at the higher resolution they’re gray blobs of various shades so I just can’t magic wand them off the page. They get shrunk down to 100 dpi for sharing on this site and it doesn’t look rough on this monitor but hoo boy was it an ordeal to edit a few nights ago. I scanned 5 comic strips and after the 3rd or 4th I was like “why is this taking so long?” before I realized that there was more on the screen for me to clean up than usual. I think I need to start erasing the pencil lines…or maybe learn to (gasp) draw digitally.

300 dpi is, like, the bare minimum for print. I’d be scanning at a higher resolution if not for how I feel about my (f)art. Oh well.

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