put on a happy face, at least through the movie

mort 210

Why is Johnsontron my punching bag for this strip? How did I end up with recurring characters? He should have more sympathy considering what he goes through, but I think it’s because I imagine him to be someone who doesn’t try, isn’t consistent with his work, takes the easy road even or especially if it doesn’t resolve issues that will come up as a result, has people cover for him or work way too much harder because of how much he slacks off… There might be a few strips that covers his work ethic, but I apologize if that’s something about the character that only I am aware of, and then in strips like this one, this long-suffering character still can’t catch a break on a personal level. He’s definitely based on coworkers I’ve had in the past. After some practicing it was easier to keep using a ‘design’ I had, and in a setting I’d return to (robots in a day to day work atmosphere). Might as well keep the same characters.

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