Fight for HIM, he’ll fight for…him?

mort 217

Considering the absolute insane claims to a stolen election, Trump’s not exactly doing anything to keep his job beyond planting seeds or even reaching out to his party at the state level for them to do his dirty work for him. We are sure learning about the steps you need, that requires a ton of coordination to look like it’s not coordinated, to actually overturn the election, and I’m worried because we’re told it CAN’T happen, yet there’s PLENTY of dummies in these positions of power who know the ramifications (including legal) and their minds are still poisoned. It also fulfills the Newt Gingrich Contract With America plan to completely deligitimize the Democratic Party to the point of not even recognizing them, to their face, if possible. But we can’t speak of eradicating him or the current GOP out of power at all without sounding like crazy people. They’re trying to take over America and end democracy and Trump has gone PAST that. Because HE wants to take over America, that’s crazy, so the GOP taking over America and ending democracy is LESS crazy, and everyone’s like “meh.”

Anyway, happy Monday!

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