The Shape The World Should Be In

mort 220

Okay, bear with me:

There was a week where I belted out a lot of Mort comics and during that week I was watching Regular Show and some old movies. Regular Show is a great show. It’s full of oddly designed characters. The world of Robots With Coffee is also full of oddly designed characters. As for the old movies, well, if you follow this blog or talk to me for more than 2 minutes you know I watch a lot of old movies. A lot of crime and noir movies are public domain and are on youtube and some of them are even good. I put one on and I let it go while I draw, and sometimes after it ends it jumps to another movie picked by the brain that runs youtube that pics something somewhat similar, and then I’m watching another one. This particular movie featured a shrill couple who, in supposed comedy, find themselves in a crime caper with people all around them being murdered. Early in the film, the husband goes into a lingerie shop and the clerk asks him what size his wife is. He says “she’s the shape the world should be in” and BAM that’s a comic strip. Originally I was going to write in things like “well managed renewable resources” “mutual respect across the globe” “world peace and prosperity for all citizens” but I decided against it. Also I bought what I thought would be a good pen to write over the black spot, because I didn’t want to use the paint can in photoshop to fill in space in the 2nd panel. That backfired. I debated deleting the legs on the planet and typing in what I had thought about for the 2nd panel. Instead, nah. That’s just the gag. The guys in panel 1 think the planet is in good shape. This was a joke I thought to write down. They don’t always work, gang.

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