Leaks! (comic strip)

mort 225

This one came from the usual needless nerd battle of “someone shared information about upcoming toys” and then “how dare they” and “can’t they release better images?” I don’t know. Maybe 10 years ago I would have been refreshing fansites over images of new plastic robot dolls. I’m sorry, me, for wasting all that time.

I have a lot of comic strips planned to appear here, woo hoo, BUT down the line there’s strips that reference what happened in America on January 6th. I hope that’s not still old news. Otherwise I’m inclined to post those kind of “political” strips right away here. I plan on making a sequel to You Can Do Stupid Things, but I have to put in that work to make some pages that won’t be comic strips that will be posted here. I’m just the kind of person who likes to share everything I do both on social media and here, so that’ll be tough. Thanks for reading!

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