Reasons for the insurrection

mort 235

Regarding an event from two months ago. But, uh, this is a HUGE event, people. It’s mind boggling. Maybe it’s because “the media” is everywhere and, even if we didnt’ have 24 hour news (and punditry), people film & broadcast themselves doing everything, it might seem like a bigger deal that it was. I mean, people stormed the Capitol over a FORMALITY. Had they accomplished bringing harm to legislators, wouldn’t governors just reassign, say, new Senators until emergency elections be held? Wouldn’t they just re-certify the election at a later date, because of the loud, deadly disruption?

But, were there participants within the chambers? What the hell was Tommy Tuberville doing the whole time? The dust may never settle. Some agencies might be too scared to take down a sitting congressperson or senator who was DIRECTLY INVOLVED. I don’t know why – the bigger the title, the bigger the takedown, and there are people tied to involvement in crimes for less.

Law enforcement’s participation in this is appalling. You can’t be “blue lives matter” and look the other way on this, at any point in your life. You have to speak up and insist on a cultural change within these ranks. The punchline is about people who know better, who look the other way, who double down when they get called out.

I took a week off of posting. Three months (and a week) of weekdaily posts! I’ll try to resume that schedule, as I type I’m planning out THIS week’s posts, we’ll see if I plan beyond that. I do have the comics & doodles, and plenty of old school movie reviews. Thanks for reading. Wednesday’s comic is part 2 to this one.

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