knock knock who’s there INSURRECTION

mort 239

I’m in a bit of a writer’s block regarding gag strips but do have a bunch I need to scan (with plenty already scanned & edited). Anyway last week it was announced that Mitt Romney was going to get a medal or award for voting to impeach the 1st time, which doesn’t mean anything considering that he voted for Trump nominated judges etc (even though Trump likely had zilch to do with actually choosing judges or domestic policy). I have a strip about that I can draw, but it’s more than two panels (a full page) and (whines) I don’t waaaaanna.

I tested out a video project and it failed, so hopefully I can try again. Maybe I need to get a new laptop that can handle group video. So much I want to do. Not helping is that the weather is getting better and so the last thing I want to do after work is sit at the computer even more and edit art & write. D’oh!

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