bad news!

mort 240

Something about how I draw, and that feeling that I’m not doing enough. I draw SMALL. This gets shrunk down to about 1/3rd of the drawing for display, and to about 70% of the original for when I print them in comic book format. So I draw the figures and the text, and then I notice a lot of space. Almost NO additional detail. There’s comic strips I LOVE that operate on this, talking heads or people at a desk and often with no establishing shot. Garfield sitting on a table with Jon walking up (just his top half) talking and there’s never a different perspective to show Jon’s full body or other parts of the house. Do I have enough in that first panel of the strip to show that the characters are SOMEWHERE? I drew a cheap city in the background – i have a pen with gray ink that I’ve used if I want to draw things in the background in any detail that hopefully won’t messily combine with the images in what I hope is established as the foreground. Here, it was a quick bunch of rectangles – are they even buildings? How do we know they’re not just boxes a few feet behind them? Why are they standing there? If I had a bus stop sign, would that give them reason to loiter and gossip? Anyway, I hope there’s enough to convey what is going on for this joke. I try to improve, honest!

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