guitar combo & bonus video

guitar combo

This is one many “guitarist standing next to a sentient amp” drawings, I’m sure.

HERE’S an interesting bonus: I tested out something and it didn’t totally work. But it worked in the sense that there’s a video and it’s myself and my pal Archangelo Crelencia, artist behind a comic called Ashes. That’s a link to his Instagram. When I saved the raw video, it looked bad, or at least it looked bad to my simple editing software which wouldn’t recognize it. And I was already weary on the results – it was a test and Archangelo agreed to test it out with me. I don’t know if I’ll try again – I’d like to. I’d keep it shorter. I might need another computer to handle this (I can’t do this on my much nicer work computer for reasons of, well, it’s my work computer. Misappropriated ‘n all that.) Anyway, check it out.

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