Princess Robo Friday – #103

princess robot 103

And it’s FRIDAY! And as I type, this is the last Princess Robo I have uploaded. I have some doodles to edit, they’re already scanned. There’s a few things I’d like to mess around with – note the ziapatone/screentone/not really halftone. Some comics I’d been rereading recently had some use of these and it was impressive and I have to think about how I want to apply it, if I don’t stick with the felt tip grey tone markers I use for some of these drawings & comic strips.

Currently as I type, well, I need to hop back on the computer and edit a stack of paper I just scanned. As I stated before, and emphasized during the last year, the last thing I want to do after working on a computer for work all day is turn around in my home’s work office (yup, working from home, for the most part this last year) and work on another computer for a few more hours. SO, I’m out of Bonus Bots for these week daily posts. There’s actually a lot of robros files already edited and awaiting upload! And I scanned a bunch more. And a lot more comic strips too. I’ve got some movie reviews I want to post too. And some other ides! I should get on all that!

I got my first vaccine shot and my 2nd will be soon. And my day job will have some “in person” events for my coworkers – not necessarily for me, but that does mean more trips to the office. And maybe eventually to being at the office every day. Who knows if I’ll feel differently when we get back to normal. Can I remember what it was like a year ago? I’d leave work, hop on the train, switch trains, take a nap on the 2nd train, get home slightly rested, and not feel as drained to look at another computer and finish up that part of my art process.

But the weather will be nicer, the city will open up again, and even though I plan to be cautious, I plan to be on my bike, at the beach, or driving around the midwest. And then I’ll be just as productive.

But don’t worry about it. Why would you? Thanks for tuning in. See you Monday.

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