doin’ time

mort 246

Aaaaand this completes…some kind of story? With these characters? (looks ahead) oh wait, there’s another one with one of the characters for Monday. What can you do.

I have to add that I took a step back after drawing the gag before inking and was like, “how do I make him a clock? How does this work? And, is it funny?” Like where’s he going to stand to be a clock? Would I have to draw him on top of a building? What kind of weird perspective shot would i need to pull off, or do I expand the panel size so that he’s up on high? But then how do I draw the people below looking up at him, other than nondescript points on the sidewalk below, with word balloons saying that they can’t tell the time from down there? Or, how do I convey he’s in a public space? I wanted to show both, him acting as a clock, and people looking at him. But I also wanted to do this in just two panels – I could have had a perspective shot from the ground in one panel, passerby looking up at a clock, and in the third panel, silence as the criminal just stands there sad, acting as the hands of the clock. Well, here he is, on a stand on a wall on a building, with people walking by, two panels. I was worried that this would make zero sense but someone who looked at it WIP on social media said they thought it was funny. So you are getting a product of their judgement.

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