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mort 274

So a few weeks ago we had severe fires in the western parts of the country and then at the same time we had hurricanes wrecking parts of the south, which is, you know, nothing new. It was just at the same time, and will continue. But entire small towns are being razed by the fires while we seemed to have learned nothing from Hurricane Katrina. Although, what can you do at this point? Anyway, it looks like the guy who keeps giving us the same “the earth is ending” type movies has another one where the moon attacks Earth? is that the plot? Expect a few protagonists surviving unlikely and unscientific disasters while a supporting casts of pseudo-villains and comic relief looks at giant monitors to tell us what’s happening. That’s the movie, I spoiled it for you, I’m sure it’s going to be awesomely terrible. I saw the ad during this week of actual natural disasters that themselves are just reminders of what’s to come. Here’s a comic strip about that, hopefully it makes sense.

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