catch me if you can (baseball bots)

baseball 23

This one’s a little more fun than Tuesday’s doodle. And we’ve also got some baseball bros in the extra robots image below.

I’ve said before that it’s been a fun year. Mostly because the Giants not only exceeded expectations of being mediocre or worse, but they ended up with the best record for the season. As I type, they’re struggling against the Dodgers in the playoffs. The Dodgers have the 2nd best record for the season, 1 game behind the Giants. I have issues with them but they’re an otherwise good team and I thought they’d have been the team to beat (they are). So by the time you read this, the matchup will all be over. It’s just been a fun year, a lot of players making the season worth watching. Maybe it’s the cabin fever from the pandemic and last year’s goofy season during that time. Just watching people enjoy being outside? I’ve been to three games this year. Crowds kinda annoy me even before a pandemic. It’s nice to be at a game but not if no one can at least pretend to respect what we all went through last year. I could go on. Here’s those bonus bots I mentioned.

robros 192

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