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mort 285

Happy new year! I didn’t post five times a week every week last year – instead, I think for all but two months I posted 5 times a week for three weeks every month except for July (maybe?) and October…? And then four times a week for November & December. I could be wrong. It doesn’t matter, it’s my site and I can post whenever I want. I don’t have enough comic strips by Mort at the moment, so maybe not for January – I’ll try to get to 4 or 5 posts a week for three weeks a month again.

A lot of robot doodles and robros will have a 2021 date on them for them. Sorry? I keep saying I have things I want to do here, with a long form story told through comic strips. I gotta do it! Only I can do it, I guess. I did start working on putting Coloring Book #2 together. Hopefully I have it ready by Smarch.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in. 2021 sucked for a lot of people – I have to keep bragging to a minimum, but it was pretty good. I got to go to San Francisco in July and hang out with RwC Jesse in Baltimore October, where I saw some of you and you picked up comics from me, issues # 2 & 3. Super appreciate it! I hope 2022 is awesome for all of us.

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