the right & (im)proper

mort 219

I think i planned to have captions, “conservatives” and “also conservatives” in the above respective panels. There’s a growing movement to pull books from libraries & school curriculum, often from someone under religious pretenses or recently to preserve fragile white egos who are offended that white people in this country look bad for having slavery, supporting slavery, and supporting a system to treat other races as 2nd class citizens for most of the history of this country. This otherwise awesome country. Maus was singled out because someone on a school board somewhere says that the kids can learn about the Holocaust, the extermination of 6 million people at the hands of a complicit society, without swear words or nudity, especially if it were to be presented using cartoon animals. That’s not what cartoon animals are for. THE SAME WEEK the governor of West Virginia is filmed (which is later broadcast) picking up his dog and showing the dog’s butt directly at the camera to get back at a supposedly liberal entertainer. Kiss my dog’s ass. Swear words & (animal) nudity.

It’s obvious what is going on but not not acknowledged out loud what they’re doing. They want control over everything and want to eliminate those learning moments of history they themselves need to learn from. They full well know what side they’re on, it’s antithetical to what they preach and what this unified country has fought against, and they’re doubling down.

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