test comic

test comic

What is this? A “test comic?” What does that mean?

This was drawn DIGITALLY! On my new drawing tablet! The whole thing! Start to finish!

I’ll get better at it, I promise!

It was done using Krita, start to finish. I just belted this one out. No script, just thought “have two characters do the ‘chicken crosses the road’ bit, 2 panels, go watch MST3K after.” The layout is terrible. I break a rule in positioning from the first panel to the 2nd unless you believe that the two characters in the foreground turned around to look behind them where the chicken was (and who was not even hinted at in the first panel). I did nothing to hint at that, you’re welcome. The chicken’s word balloon blocks a house behind him, the house & the tree a complete afterthought.

I DID however “pencil” in the two characters and the chicken first, and then “inked” it and that’s making comics in the 21st century. 20th century even! whaaaaa?

I’m still setting up my NEW computer, gotta transfer some files on the old hard drive. I wasn’t planning on doing ANYTHING like this. Didn’t draw much this week either, though I have ideas for strips. But likely won’t have anything for next week unless I do some quick writin’ about some old movies…which i have a backlog of ones I’ve seen but just didn’t write about, yet.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (links at the top) then you may have seen the two characters in the first panel before. That’s Mal & Dee, and I’m workin’ up a new comic strip about them to be part of this site. Whee!

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