Mort Inkingbot #300

Mort #300


It should be way more but unfortunately this is something I do “on the side.” I really play keyboards. (Simpsons joke.) I started Robots With Coffee in 2013ish and started drawing Mort comics in late 2014. I stopped doing fanart strips referencing other properties and gags based on other comics, and tried to give these Mort strips their own voice. I’m less popular this way but I have made three comic books (four including the political themed one) and a coloring book and more on the way this year. I have other things I’d like to do with this page and with these comics beyond two panel gags. The only thing is stopping me is ME and I have a LOT of anxieties about THAT guy, I tell ya. But ALSO we have Jesse and his photo comics though those have taken a hiatus on the social medias (I don’t post them here anymore out of respect that they’re HIS and another reason that has nothing to do with our friendship, don’t worry about it). I didn’t know where I was at in the numbering scheme as I was editing these. You may remember that I got a tablet to draw on, which required a purchase of a different computer, that won’t allow me to import a certain shop of photo editing software without having to buy a new copy. I’m scanning on the new computer, editing it on the old computer, and then uploading it online and adding this post on the new computer again. And on this hard drive are a few strips that I inked digitally whose sequential numbers I had forgotten, and TA DA I drew #s 299 and 300 over the weekend and edited them and tried to save them and “would you like to overwrite 297 and 298?” NO!

One of the things keeping me super duper busy is my band, Hired Goons. We’ve talked and talked and talked before the pandemic, and DURING the pandemic would have been a PERFECT time to do the things we talked about, BUT it didn’t happen. Until March (Smarch). We pulled out a list of songs, we dug out horribly recorded 1 mic demos from 8 years ago, we shared tabs and chord progressions, and reminded who we were to each other. “I play bass, I promise!” I shouted at my bandmates. We hammered out a few songs in March & April and I’m getting mixes back and I like what I hear and can’t wait to share them with you. We’re going to have a six song EP in October and then a full length album in 2023 and some 1 off “singles” along the way. Really excited and can’t wait to share with you. BUT, that’s one of the reasons you haven’t heard from Mort or the dopey robots or Princess Robos on this page. Maybe sometime soon I’ll resume the schedule. I’d love to get to THE PROJECT that I keep talking about. I’d love to do a bunch of things but at the same time I’ve got external forces pulling me every which way. Do I stay in my apartment or find another and then have to move all my stuff? Do I live out my dream of moving to the west coast? Do I give up being a goofy robot cartoonist and get serious about being an adult and learn to sell junk bonds to shifty day traders? WHAT EXACTLY AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE, OTHER THAN DRAW FARTING ROBOTS?

Anyway, that’s 300 comic strips. I hope you have been enjoying them. Stay tuned to this site!

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