rocky road

mort 307

Happy Wednesday! Another one that sat for like a month in my files and then edited over the weekend. I tried the screentone on a few of the objects, mainly the walls of the ice cream parlor, but didn’t want to go too nuts. The way it was set up in panel 2 in the larger version of this file (I shrink it down to 100 dpi for the web) looks better, the tones are more distinct. Hopefully they don’t look like they run together when you read it. Should I have done something for the highway and the “ice cream,” or was putting in a tone for the hole enough?

My C2E2 table partner and I had a long talk about our table representation at the show, how our table was set up and how we presented ourselves & talked about our “product” (our comics), and right down to how visible things were for people passing by. We noticed their line of sight, where their eyes were drawn where they first walked up and from what side, and how we could overcome that if we table again (alone or with each other). Also, merchandizing. I’m glad people bought comics. I didn’t bring much original art. Having some prints helped – I sold a few, but it was mostly eye candy attracting people to the table. I will start working on a few things for the near future – I’ll be at NYCC and TFcon in October. Hopefully I see you there!

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