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Because of COURSE he took classified documents with him to his stupid hotel after he left the White House. The plunger bit was because of pics of torn up documents in the toilet. Whatever. Read up on some real life spy/espionage issues this country has faced and you’ll see why this is such a big deal.

Okay, a couple of things: I drew this one, I scanned it, I hated how it looked. I edited it in Krita, a free drawing app, on my art tablet. Yup, broke out the tablet, which I’ve only used once or twice after I bought it and then bought this computer to work with it. The bottom line was drawn uneven, at an angle, so I just used a straight line from the program. Then I deleted most of the agent in the panel on the right, and redrew him in there. THEN I fired up the old computer and added in the textures. I actually did the paint bucket for the panel on the right for the silhouette effect – well, I created a layer of all black underneath it, then magic wand “select” and then modify>expand “1” and then deleted the blank space, and I think it turned out okay. I tried different levels of plaid on the agent’s suit. It’ll look better when it’s printed, as this was shrunk down to 100 dpi.

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