New York Comic Con!

Okay, Where’s the stuff? Where’s the comics? The drawings? WELL, I’ve been busy with trying to prepare some things, mainly for NEW YORK COMIC CON!

I’ll be at NYCC at table K-04 in Artist Alley, with our pal Josh Burcham, from October 6-9. I’ll probably be there from Thursday evening briefly for setup so if you stop by Friday the 7th, Saturday the 8th, and Sunday the 9th, come on by. I’ll have Robots With Coffee #s 1-4, You Can Do Stupid Things, and Coloring Book #1.

I sadly will NOT have the RwC Coloring Book #2. I started doing the layout for it and got pretty far, but with the time needed to get some copies printed, well, I didn’t have time to write things and edit it properly and then get it to the printer on time. So I’m going to work on it a tiny bit and when I come back I’ll hopefully finish it up for TFcon in late October.

In the meantime, I have a couple other things I need to do before the show. I have to make stickers (!) and greeting cards. That’s right, and after these shows I’ll see about making them available if you’re interested. Stickers? BIRTHDAY CARDS?!?

I’d post new drawings but I was busy last week working on Hired Goons stuff. Hired Goons is the band I’m in, I play bass. We have a new EP, which is called “EP Of Horror,” and we’re trying to get it out in the first or second week of October. Our singer Bill drew the cover and sent it over to me, and I had to digitally erase pencil lines and then thicken out some of the linework before coloring it. It ended up being a time consuming activity and I had to take my time so that it didn’t look like I used the paint can function in MS Paint or whatever. Which I could have done and if the image is shrunk down as an icon you probably wouldn’t notice. Oh well.

Okay, and the SF Giants were in town and I managed to weasel some tickets and I’m just shirking RwC creating new stuff for the site. Prioritize!

Well, there you go. I do have a movie I want to review here soon, but it’s not exactly a movie that lit the imagination on fire or anything, so that’s why I’m in no rush to write about it. I should post a few things before NYCC because you know that when I get there, I won’t be drawing at my table or after the show, I’ll be running around NYC and pointing at the buildings and milling about the city that never sleeps. Woo!

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