NYCC was great, TFcon is next

hi friends – if you stopped by our table at NYCC this past weekend, thank you! I had a great time and met a lot of great people. If you are visiting the site after picking up a Robots With Coffee comic or flyer, hopefully what goes on here makes sense: more comic strips, more silly drawings of nonsensical robots, more movie reviews (two coming up).

If you are interested in the comics but don’t see them on the store site…the store needs an update. Stay tuned!

I’ll be at TFcon Chicago on Saturday October 22 & Sunday October 23. RwC #4 is the latest issue, I’ll have the rest of the comics (except Princess Robo) there as well. I debuted issues 2 & 3 at TFcon Baltimore last year so if you only see me at TFcon Chicago then hey, that’s a lot of new strips.

Some people asked if I draw commissions and I usually don’t. I may open up a commission list, but not until after TFcon Chicago. I have some other projects here at the RwC hq I need to wrap up. Also, there’s the coloring book #2 – I won’t have it done in time for TFcon, and may hold off after a brain draining outline I came up with on my flight home about a similar project. So I’m gonna veg out after four days of nonstop talking about dopey robots and difficult airport nonsense.

I’ll say it several times over, thank you for checking out RwC and picking up my comics and all the other good vibes, in person or online.

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