my career is taking off (also: TFcon, NEW ALBUM)

Hey – a new comic strip! My first one in almost 2 months!

Mort 311

Wow, Fall is underway and I have a LOT going on this week. Starting with:

TFcon is Oct 22 & 23 in Chicago. It’s here, I’m splittin’ the table with Grimlockimus & his amazing customs as usual, and RwC Jesse will be there! So stoked. What will be new to TFcon Chicago will be RwC issues 2, 3, & 4. I debuted issue 2 & 3 at TFcon Baltimore 2021 and issue 4 was at C2E2 this summer, so if TFcon Chicago is the only time I see you, well, that’s three comic books. HOWEVER, I’m ALMOST out of issue 1! And I’m not reprinting it for this show – I’ll be reprinting it after, with some changes.

My band’s latest release – October 21! This Friday, Hired Goons releases EP of Horror, just in time for Halloween. Preorder it here. This was a long time coming and we really had to work hard just to find TIME to get these songs down. If all goes well we’ll have another full album sometime in 2023.

I’ll probably mention the EP again and TFcon during the week. I hope you stop by and say hello to Jesse & myself if you come by TFcon this weekend. I’m glad to see RwC comics & art in people’s hands and I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I’m making it.

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