Battle Of The Bands

mort 314

Hello, it’s Monday before a looooong weekend. Here’s a comic strip. I made myself sit down yesterday morning and edit this and a bunch of random recent drawings. What will the rest of the week be like here? I don’t know.

So, this is one of those strips where I wince because I lost interest soon after pencilling it. And the perspective on the wrestling ring in the center is insane. Just, ouch. But I can’t “fix that in post,” outside of redrawing it. I wanted the space to be obvious for the people in the ring. I drew the top left panel first (which is rare – I usually work right to left when ink with pens, so as not to smear the panel I just finished) then, though the ring was pencilled, I inked the musicians fighting it out, and then the people at the foreground. And where are they? why do they have seats in that row? Where are the stairs? Then I started populating the rest of the strip, starting with the people between the ring & the fans in the foreground, and then on the sides behind the ropes. For those characters, they’re not complete. Usually I try to have all line connected for a character. No open squares or shapes. BUT this is where I had to let go and be even lazier – the people in the ring are the focus, and I don’t want there to be too much detail between the ropes or it might blur/confuse that those are ropes. And then I drew the people around them. I didn’t pencil any of them out. Just shapes upon shapes of randos.

One friend said it looked good and, I just let it be. I didn’t draw it all in one night. I’m mad at myself about the shape of the ring. I abandoned seating after drawing the foreground audience. The gag exists. Gotta do better. Thanks for tuning in.


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