can’t get arrested & 10 years of RwC

mort 315

Hello! Here’s a strip I drew a few weeks ago and edited it last week and…after I finished on photoshop, it disappeared from the hard drive after I tried to upload it. Whaaaat? It was late in the evening when this happened. Both the “web” friendly version and the 300 dpi original disappeared from the drive. I’d have to re-scan it, and then start again.

I also got a new scanner, and it scans a little deeper into the paper, so I had to take a little longer in removing all the creases and indentation in the paper from the image, along with the pencils. Sheesh, extra WORK, this is supposed to be my relaxin’ hobby. What gives? Between the disappearing file and the new printer, I was pretty slammed at the day job and was too exhausted to revisit editing this strip or draw anything else. Habits I keep getting in the habit of losing that habit etc.

Not much has been updated on the social media front. Jesse decided to leave Twitter…and then came back to Twitter. Twitter is an even more ridiculous place under its new overlord so we’re both keeping a watchful eye as it goes in its crazy direction. I’m lucky because I don’t cross paths with right wing crazies and when they do pop up in response to something I post, be it a strip or my opinions or RT’s, I have the block button, and move on.

RwC, I can’t speak for Jesse, and it’s not how I used to be all the time, but a lot of the strips are pretty left of center if they’re going to go beyond puns and satire something in the news. I have a comic book collecting strips parodying a certain former president who has shown himself to be an unhinged wannabe dictator. However those who disagree with me politically would think that anyone I voted for was a dictator. That’s how polarized we’ve become, yet I can’t see eye to eye with someone if they’re looking at “my side” through the scope of a rifle because I don’t want gay people to be harassed or something that should be inconsequential to the average conservative voter. These aren’t beliefs to meet halfway on.

RwC is also 10 years old this week. That’s when I took the first pic of my Kreon (…lego sized minifigure) Sunstorm with a cup of coffee at my local cafe, Over Easy. I’d take a few more with a caption here or there and people would text or write or call to tell me how much they loved those pics. I created the Facebook page, people would send me their own pics (such as my friend Eric and later Jesse), and then in 2014 I started drawing silly robots before coming up with Mort Inkingbot to develop these dopey comic strips. I appreciate the support over the years. Thank you!


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