the cloud (Happy New Year!)

mort 316

Happy new year! I’m going to get back to making comic strips…I THINK. I hope. I have a few queued up as I type. This one I drew digitally in Krita. I just notice an error in the helicopter ladder after uploading it, oops.

I had a break from the day job and didn’t do much. I finally forced myself to sit down and lay down a few bad gags, and you’ll see them this week or the next. I should work on the story-driven comic strip I’ve been thinking about for a year. Yeesh, Paul. Get on it.

Anyway, it’s 2023. Lookin’ forward to gridlock in Washington DC and a new baseball season, and maybe some new things from RwC once I set up the store again. Much love to all of you for your support for 2022.


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