too basic

mort 317

Hello! I drew this one by hand, and my new printer/scanner combo is a little more, I don’t know, thorough in its scans. Editing comic strips can be a drag if it takes more time to remove the background which is made up of various beiges and tiny dark marks that my previous printer, even scanning in color, didn’t pick up on, and I was just trying to use the magic background eraser tool to remove my blue pencils. WELL, I did three scans of this, and kinda settled on a version that is part photo, part document, and it was much easier to edit, and the lines still looked pretty good. Compare it to Monday’s strip, which I both pencilled and inked on a tablet. I may have to keep my old printer for its scanner, adding to the clutter. But that’s part of the RwC workspace, making order out of clutter. And that’s two strips for the new year! We’re on a roll!

“Kem N.E.” is just a lazy play on Kemeny, one of the originators of the BASIC computer language. I used to make text games in BASIC. Nothing like Zork, but something where you had hit points and fought monsters and your attack was a dice roll attack, like 1-6 damage. Like if Dragon Warrior was a text game. Good times?


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