Traffic Jam


Happy Monday, friends. Here’s the first of two comic strips this week. A burst of creativity? Or just going through my notebook of ideas, and remembering to write them down? “Traffic jam” popped in my head and so this idea.

SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE: None, really. I think the rush to ditch Twitter found people in apps that are pretty difficult to use. My smart phone ain’t that smart. Hey, i break things easily, so I’m not getting the most up to date technology that these barely vetted apps need to function. So in the social media links on the top right of the website (or, if it’s not on the tablet/cell phone browser, the “about” section), that’s where the current social media is located. I think both myself and Jesse are on Mastodon. We’re not cool enough to be in the band Mastodon. All of it comes off as kind of silly. For me, I’m very backwards. I don’t post finished comics directly on social media pages or apps. They’re here. In-progress strips show up on Instagram but I think that’s different than putting a finished comic as a file on twitter or FB – I’d rather have you look at it on the site. Is that backwards in today’s self-promotion atmosphere? Would my comics be worth going “viral” in the first place, or would I want that – would I want them floating around with people resharing them and possibly not attributing credit or even removing my info on the image itself? Whaddya think?


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