incendiary rhetoric

mort 328

Happy Monday! Took a little bit off from drawing & editing. Northwest Indiana ComicCon was pretty fun. Thanks Chuck for letting me share the table. And GUESS WHAT: i’ll be at C2E2 in Artist Alley with my usual table buddies, Archangelo Crelencia & Jeremiah Wolfe. More on that later.

I said I’d be working on the webstore, and I didn’t. Oops. I have some other things to work on in real life, and part of that is why there wasn’t any posts last week. Most of it is related to cleaning and organizing. I just have so much stuff, and that’s with getting rid of stuff. I don’t ebay things I collect. I usually have a friend who might want this or that from my physical media collection or toy collection, or a resale shop where I don’t even want the money. I’m trying to reclaim my art space in my apartment, where I’m still working from home. A lot of work stuff has consumed so much space and so the rest of my stuff just gets spread out in areas where I lounge and draw while watching TV.

I have a small cabinet where I was storing action figure projects – toys I was going to try to customize. I used to do my own repaints of Transformers for characters who didn’t get a G1 release, and there’d be a simple paint application for the Classics etc line. I made my own Downshift out of a Generations(?) Wheeljack figure and parts from other toys. I have a friend whose daughter loves Transformers and so I gave her a bunch. Old baseball cards? I don’t know that market anymore, pretty sure most of the stuff I had isn’t worth the money it was supposedly years ago, so shared a bunch of that with friends as well. It took all day to go through this small four door cabinet, and I feel like I’m still not done. I could better utilize some of my storage space as well. But I need to organize the art space – returning items from the comic show is always an opportunity to look at where stuff is, how much there is (especially if I need to reorder comics), and whether it’s all stored efficiently. Why can’t these boxes of comics be next to the art supplies? Why is this stack of stuff I’m holding for work in that spot?

There you go. That’s what’s been on my mind the last two weeks.


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