Friday baseballs!

baseball 28

I’m typing this while having some pre-season Cactus League spring training baseball in the background. I don’t care about the new rules. I agree with some of them. Like, no more than 2 pickoff attempts at 1st base from the pitcher per at bat or whatever. I don’t know but holy poop i don’t know anyone who cheers for that unless the very rare actual catching of the baserunning off guard. Frankly it should be one attempt and then too bad if you don’t get him out, if the runner steals on the next pitch that’s the catcher’s problem.

I don’t agree with (I think?) last year’s implementation of just announcing you’re walking someone, as opposed to throwing four pitches to walk the batter. Mostly because I root for the offchance where the batter decides to take a swing. That’s very rare. But hilarious. Baseball always needs more weird moments like that. I have other thoughts. Region blackouts for teams will do more damage to the game and team fanbases than having a runner on 2nd in the 10th inning and beyond.

Hopefully I have more to talk about for C2E2. I’ll have reprints of RwC #1. It’s a “2nd print,” it’s different from the 1st. The interior covers were shuffled around and I added a disclaimer. One thing I noticed as i do shows is that people with children look at my cartoonishly silly robots and they’re like “oh, is it safe for kids?” and I don’t know the kid’s sensibility? In issue 1, there’s a few things that had happened to me in real life that I made into the strips, that involve dating or references to illicit substances. So, it’s not even if your kid will be shocked into juvenile delinquency, but that they comprehend two or three comic strips about grown-up issues. But it’s not “dirty” even in those situation. Just don’t hand the silly robot comics to a four year old? I don’t know. One of the comics, #2, has a toilet on the cover, for crying out loud. But I felt the need to put that disclaimer. It also has a back cover instead of an add for the original printer. That’s it. I doubt very much it makes the “first print” a hot collector’s item.

Next time I post, I’d like to have other things sorted out, that I wrote about here earlier this week. See you if not next week, then the week after. Thanks!

(I just realized I forgot to add bonus bots. Meh, that’s fine. There’s plenty of that to go around for future posts. Thanks for reading this far.)


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