more baseball, on Friday! And some announcements!

baseball 31

No posts this week (well, except this one), sorry about that. I’ll have one or two things next week but they’ll be related to C2E2, which I’ll be at, in artist alley – table Q 21.

I had to set up files to reprint a couple comics for the show. I am low on certain things, and I’m using a different printer, so I have to make sure the files match the template and then add an extra page for the back covers, and I had no time to draw anything new.

Another thing I’ll have at the show is new music from my band, Hired Goons. My singer drew the cover and I had to clean it up and color it and that took way too much time this week. Thankfully I took care of my own comics first.

Hopefully I’ll see you at C2E2. Tune in next week for more stuff as we lead up to the show.


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