Comics With My Kids interview

Hi everyone – I was interviewed on the podcast Comics With My Kids. The host, Matt, reads comics with his kids and they sit around and review it. Pretty cool. Matt picked up RwC #s 1 & 2 at a show and then contacted me about the interview. It was a great conversation. I talk way too much.

If the below embedded Spotify link doesn’t work, go to this blog page to check it out.

I didn’t take the David Lee Roth approach and stick to self-promotion. I went some roundabout ways to talk about the comic and that it’s “dad jokes gone wrong.” Matt was very nice in his appraisal. I think one thing I was self conscious about was that the podcast is called “Comics With My Kids” and he picked up the 2nd print of #1 which had a disclaimer about how some things might go over kids’ heads, because some of the strips were about things that happened to me in real life. He seemed to get it. Then again, issue 2 (which he also has) features a robot toilet on the cover so I think anyone who sees these should get it. But we talked for a long time, which was great – I rambled. I need to get better about things like that. I should be the guest on more podcasts, you all agree. I really liked talking about the comic biz during the boom and bust of 1992-1997, a fascinating time in comics, and has nothing to do with RwC. I mentioned that there’s also Jesse’s webcomics on the FB page & social media – I don’t know why I mentioned there’d be no book collecting those for a while. Sorry Jesse. I’m a little embarrassed that I talked so much.

Anyway, check it out at least if you ever wonder what goes on in my brain when I make these strips.


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