Album review: Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia

What I listened to: the new Foo Fighers EP, Saint CeCilia.

Who are they again: Really? REALLY?

The first Foo Fighters album I bought was Wasting Light. That’s a little late to jump on their bandwagon, but I enjoyed doing so. I find their music either catchy and occasionally rocking, or boring, songs that are nearly indistinguishable from each other (except when they are catchy and occasionally rocking).

The band made another album that was the result of them recording in different cities, and I didn’t think much of it. Nothing stood out and the only thing I remember is that the songs were too long.

The band had announced a break but SURPRISE! free EP. What? It’s called Saint Cecilia and you can download it here.

Well if they’re giving it away, it can’t be THAT good. No, it is!

It also sounds like a regular Foo Fighter album. It could probably fit in with any of their other releases. Maybe that’s a bad thing, that their albums all start to sound the same, but I’m not their biggest fan. I just like Wasting Light a heckava lot.

My favorite song, worth the free price of admission, is the title track. It starts off with that rockin’ but not too hard tempo, and then you’re fooled into thinking that the chorus has set in when Dave Grohl sings the title words and it sounds like their regular radio stuff, but it’s really just the prechorus that builds to an amazing bit, the actual chorus, “no matter what I say…” Hey, it’s FREE, download it and listen with me. It’s at 1:35 into the song on my watch.

Love these guys or be perpetually bored by them, moments like this are what makes their sound, persistent in all their albums, unique to them.

It’s the hardest rocker of them all, Savior Breath, that I like the least on here. Seems like more could have been done with the anger expressed here other than “we don’t have a lot of ideas for this kinda hard angry song.” The last track, The Neverending Sigh, gets a little more room to breathe than…breath.

You’re checking the title again to see if they all have something to do with breathing, aren’t you? Maybe.

So is it good? Yes. And I would have bought it, too. You can buy the vinyl if you want. I’m not, I have too much stuff around my place as it is.

Thank you, Dave Grohl, for the free EP. Yes, thanks. We should hang out sometime.


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