The Mug Lottery


My cafe gave me this mug. I asked for it, they said sure. It’s just a mug but the rim is wider and slopes downward and it’s a nice bonus when my coffee is served to me in it. It’s the ultimate prize of The Mug Lottery. One day they served me my coffee in this mug and I asked the manager, “Can I have this mug?” She asked the owner and he said sure. I took it to the park and took this photo. I didn’t realize how I was framing it so I missed out on having the clouds come out of the mug by a few millimeters; the brightness of the screen was reduced, so I just couldn’t tell. I just wanted to get a picture of the ultimate prize, if everything involving the little things in life was a contest. There’s also the risk that there’s one less mug at my cafe like this one. I felt like I was both spoiling myself and ruining a great thing by possibly depriving myself of the perfect mug at my perfect cafe. But I still get mugs just like this one on a relatively same frequency as before. I was so happy to have this mug so I took a picture, which could have been perfect. But everyday I don’t always get the perfect mug, so why not enjoy what I get anyway.


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