The Lighting Guy


Usedtobeabank Storefront Theatre Productions Presents A Robot Love Story


By Stoic Observer Theatre Critic Bot

“A Robot Love Story” mixes the best of Shakesgeare and the worst of Man-eh? in where some dialog flows like perfect poetry, and other interactions are distracting conversations that dissolve into nothing even if the actrons do their best to make it seem like part of the plot. One actron stood out the most, for standing.

As a playwright myself, and I have several completed scripts for well funded producers if they are interested, I would like to think that more time could have spent developing one specific character, a lone bot who remained at the back of the stage throughout the entire production, never moving, and never looking up from his weathered John Grisham novel. I will give credit where credit is due: he gave a stellar performance, with nerves of steel, ignoring the occasional claptrap that was going downstage. What was his motivation? Was his indifferent stance at the office and at the wedding a mere coincidence? What could he have represented?

In an almost brilliant move, it was as if the leads themselves became the background to this pillar of a thespian, who commandeered the rest of the show (especially during the third act). Romeo & Juliet & Hamlet could have been performed and his existence upstage would have cast a shadow over the other performers.

The lesson, easily missed if you paid attention to the false plot guided by the clunky but interesting dialog, is that no matter what happens in our lives, if we stand firm, we will persevere. Occasionally awkward, very misleading (I never felt that the misdirect surface-plot characters ever loved each other), but otherwise brilliant – BRAVO, Usedtobeabank Theatre. Bravo. FOUR STARS.

(Editor’s Note: We were informed by the artistic director of Usedtobeabank Theatre that the actor described reading through the entire play upstage was in fact the lighting robot. The lights were attached to a truss, in turn attached permanently to a pole on the bot’s back. Though our reviewer was mistaken in believing the bot to be an actor performing a meta commentary if not the actual plot of “A Robot Love Story,” he stands by his review and praise of the bot.)

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