Where’s the Ferris Bueller display?


I have a few strips and dopey robot drawings to toss up here soon.

I watched Deadpool the other week and I thought I’d review it but I really don’t have much to say about it other than:

-it was funny.

-it felt like Deadpool was this snarky character tossed into a pre-existing script about bad guys trying to turn the hero into one of them. Deadpool reacts to their standard bad guy threats, but they don’t respond to him as if he had just spoken to them as Deadpool. They continue on as if they were speaking to a regular protagonist in that situation.

-Check out this bit from Dan Harmon & Rob Schrab about “The Monopoly Guy” (7 min mark) and that’s what another chunk of Deadpool feels like.

-The terrible CGI Colossus is watching the news report about Deadpool on the highway at one point and says something to the effect of having offered to help Deadpool out and having warned him to not take these matters into his own hands. I don’t know the exact words, but the point is…WHEN? A deleted scene? They don’t meet (in a linear chronological time) before the highway scene. Just seemed like shoddy continuity, suggesting that Deadpool would have been in contact with some of the X-Men between sometime from his escape to his attempt to rescue his girlfriend.

There’s a bunch of other stuff about it but I don’t care about it that much to dismiss it as an empty superhero adaptation or praise it as a clever take on superhero movies. Go watch The Incredibles instead.


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