Mort enters the gaming market


Sorry for the inactivity this last half of September. Maybe you’ve seen some doodles on our social media but that’s been about it. Jeez, not even any coffee pics? Those are on our social media sites, and Jesse’s been killing it. I came up with a book project, which is a bad thing because I have ANOTHER book project (Sad Vigilante) I’m slowly making (no) progress on and I should really finish that before I start another. But this one is right up Mort’s alley and I wrote down an outline, so I’m stoked.

I will have more TF fan doodles coming up this week, but you’ll have seen them on social media.

I don’t wish to reside on twitter or Facebook for RwC but some “life-stuff” has kept me away from the computer where I do all the drawing editing & writing.

I don’t have any reviews line up either; I will say:

BROOKLYN 99 – made it through season 3. What a funny show. I have so many questions about Terry Crews, like “who is he?” and “can we hang out?” The show dives into some corny sitcom territory (an episode where someone needs to write a toast to impress the boss? Solve some hilarious crimes, people!) but otherwise I am enjoying this show a lot.

HAIL CAESAR! – one of those Coen brother movies that doesn’t seem to be about anything. The main character is based on/named after a real person, but I’m sure an actual biography would not have made Josh Brolin’s character as fun. A little zanier and lighter than Burn After Reading, and about just as deep unfortunately, but it has some great moments.

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