More Than Meets The Lost Light

I guess there’s some confusion about what is going on with this site’s favorite robot comic series. Two of them are being renamed. More Than Meets The Eye is becoming Lost Light and some fans aren’t putting two and two together, I guess. It’s not our job to promote someone else’s comics BUT if you enjoy More Than Meets The Eye like we do, then make sure you preorder/subscribe to LOST LIGHT which comes out in December. Here’s some joke drawings I did of some of the cast holding up their IDs. I don’t even know if these guys will still be in the cast or what the first issue is like other than some covers I have seen, and I’m sure the solicitation doesn’t mean much other than the usual misdirect. Transformers, formerly Robots In Disguise, becomes OPTIMUS PRIME in November. I guess “Sideswipe & The Rest, Maybe” was taken?


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