Sid Lander (dopey robot)


Action…all battle action, with SID LANDER, from [INSERT TOY COMPANY]. Sid Lander is part of [TOYLINE] and featured in [PROJECTED MOVIE DEAL], a global hit across all entertainment platforms, including [VIDEO GAME SYSTEM, TELEVISION CHANNEL, CHILDRENS CHEWABLE VITAMIN TABLETS]. With is Phazer Cannon and more than 4 points of articulation, SID LANDER is a guarnateed hit with [MARKETING DEMOGRAPHIC]. The fun doesn’t stop here; SID LANDER will expand into [WESTERN THEME REPAINT, SPACE THEME REPAINT, WINTER THEME REPAINT, BEACH ATTIRE REDECO] as he faces off [VILLAIN CHARACTER, CONTACT R&D RE: REJECTED TOYS TO BE REAPPLIED TO SID LANDER TOYLINE]. Guaranteed fun [CONTACT LEGAL RE: GUARANTEE]!

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