Why even conduct that poll (comic strip)


So yeah, it’s pretty dumb that there’s a group of people so committed to the terribleness of King Baby Terrible that, when faced with evidence straight from the source, they proudly proclaim that it didn’t happen. Or they believe it didn’t happen.

But the pollster…why? Why did they ask this question? Was it even the question, and these dummies refused to choose “D – Any Of The Above” for opinions by adding “E – didn’t happen, despite evidence.” If it’s conducted by a media source, why didn’t anyone reporting correct the person polled?

“No, you’re wrong. This is what happened. He admitted it. It happened. Thank you and good day.”

Instead, they just blindly mark down the (completely wrong) answer, unrelated to an actual opinion) and “leave it at that,” and head on to the next doofus who wants to believe that Mr. Big Businessman and family has our best interest in their hearts. Which isn’t remotely possible.

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