Kite Defense Unit


The Dopey Robots Weapons And Toy Company is proud to present the ultimate in Parent/Offspring activity kit: The Kite Defense Unit. Imagine the pride a parental figure will experience in watching their younger progeny assemble both a pasttime in outdoor activity, as well as defend your current nation-state’s borders.

This is actually a terrible idea, our accounting/engineering/legal team has warned.

The Kite Defense Unit presents a challenge in assembly, adding to the fun with someone presumably experienced in moderate engineering and small air-to-surface weaponry as they supervise their child in putting together a simple kite and attaching an AI sentient computer and three (3) armed rockets. This will be followed by several hours of outdoor (it MUST be outdoors) fun, unless you and your children are engage in actual war, which is terrifying.

Our legal department is researching the culpability of the user(s), if parent & child can both be tried in the same court of law for any mishaps or misuse of the Kite Defense Unit.

For a summer of fun, order the Kite Defense Unit from the Dopey Robots Weapons & Toy Company today!

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