TF Con wrap up (video) – store restocked!

Hey gang,

I’m recovering from TF Con…well, kinda. I’m just back at work after putting RwC Jesse in the mail and hoping he arrives okay back in DC. Yes I poked holes in the box.

We had a blast. A few Kickstarter backers stopped by and said hello and that was great. We met Rik Alvarez who has written a few books on Transformers and had worked for Hasbro for some time. He was super funny and had a lot of great advice. Our tablemate, Grimlockimus, managed to do pretty well – he sold out of his stuff within 90 minutes, and that’s with asking other dealers to wait and buy his stuff until the door opened for the general public. He also won the first place for the custom contest. Hopefully we can do more events with him in the future, and not just because he stepped aside and let us use the rest of the table after he sold out. So thank you, Grimlockimus.

I didn’t get to talk to the IDW artist peeps though Jesse bought a bunch of stuff from them. I did however give Casey Coller & Sara Pitre-Durocher copies of their paper dolls to sell at shows or give away, so if you want a paper doll that was only available from the Kickstarter, this might be a way to go…? Hit them up.

I am not sure if I will have any art or comics or even a blog post for Friday, but I will be working on comic strips and scans for next week. I did add the coloring book and Princess Robo as a set you can order on our storenvy site! So if you didn’t pick up a copy of either at the show, now you can get both! T-shirts are also available, and I will return the listings for the watercolors soon.

Below is a youtube video of our haul from TFcon, and some tweets sharing the fun.

Someone got our stickers:

This amazing lady:

Here’s a scene from our booth courtesy of Jesse, when I added the watercolors.

The whole booth on Sunday:

Here’s a pic from Transmissions Podcast (sadly, no Charles). Pickle Brainstorm and Doctor Rung Van Pelt were very popular.

These were GONE. Like at breakneck speed gone.

Here’s the scorpion cassette I picked up. …Not the band Scorpions.


Myself and RwC Jesse hittin’ the town.

What a great weekend. Thanks everyone!

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