Friday video roundup


Happy Friday. I’m still catching up with the post-TFCon cleanup and some other life activities. T-shirts and Coloring Book/Princess Robo packages are available so…buy them? Please?

I don’t have any drawings or comics right now but will be working on some (to edit, draw) this weekend for next week. In the meantime, here’s TWO videos.

My band, Hired Goons, has a new drummer, and a new song that the band wanted to share. I made a video of me drawing some zombies, and sped it up to fit within the length of the song.

The 2nd video is longer. It’s me experimenting with drawing skyscrapers. My buildings are typically far in the background, featureless, basic, and misshapen. I’m not changing ANY of that but you can see how I draw them, and also some ideas I wanted to try with different markers for a different feel. It’s 15 minutes (sorry) but stick with me on it and enjoy (?). Let me know what you think if you do.

That’s it for this week. TFCon was a great experience for several different reasons, mostly because I got to hang out with Jesse and also because I got to meet a lot of YOU, so thanks for making it a great weekend. See you Monday!

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