Happy new year!


Happy new year! Woo! 2019!

Every year seems like a trash fire. Maybe we think that as the odometer moves up a notch, we can forget everything as if it were all just attached and related to that number. Don’t forget to build up on these feelings, good and bad. Can we turn these memories into new actions/activities?

I’m grateful for all of you, for the people who knew me before RwC became a “thing” and people who I’m meeting because of RwC. It seems like there’s more and more of the latter, and definitely through 2018. Thank you for your support!

Plans for 2019? A few. Definitely some things will roll over from “last year” (yesterday) and who knows if they will be realized, or when. I plan to keep publishing posts on the dot com every weekend. We almost did, save for a few days here and there – and definitely am grateful for RwC Jesse’s support and permission to use his pics when I didn’t have anything tangible to share here.

I’d like to do more writing (reviews, interviews too?). I should be doing more Mort comics. Whatever happened to the Conflicticons? Sheez. I had fun creating a few things in 2018 and getting them made and into people’s hands. Thank you for your support and keep tuning in.

In the meantime, here’s PLUGHEAD, which is not the most detailed drawing, but WAIT!

I work with a few interesting people. Some of them are artists. Wally is an animator and took this drawing and did this:


That’s amazing! Thanks Wally!

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