so many coffee bots

coffee class 26

I’m setting up about a month’s worth of daily comic strips and standalone robro drawings as I type this, and I realize I have a lot of old-timey movies to review, a few albums, and some video games. Maybe I just don’t want to put in any writing because I don’t have the fastest computers these days – various word like programs stall on a PC that just isn’t up to any speed these days. Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe that’s all January will be: reviews of movies that came out in the 1940s & 50’s, reviews of games that came out in the mid 2010’s that I am just now getting to, reviews of albums I bought halfway through the year. Does anyone want to read ANY of that? I tell myself no, and thus the question is never answered. I try to write a little bit of humor into things that are past any date of interest, maybe it helps generate some interest, maybe it cracks you up a little.

Here’s some bonus bots:

robros 123

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