Opportunity knocks…on a casket

mort 214

I try not to do too much with Trumpbot because I made YOU CAN DO STUPID THINGS at a healthy page count and I’d have to make a bunch more strips if I wanted to make another decent size collection. Plus our memories are short so who knows if anyone will want to read about That Guy in a year or so. BUT there’s also a lot of awfulness that, for catharsis, needs to be made fun of, and let’s face it: 2020 was traumatic, and he had a LOT to do with that trauma. The trauma that didn’t individually kill us. I might do a timeline of events that boggled my mind to highlight how out of any norm this president was, that those who documented these events dared not comment on for fear of losing access, despite another road of journalism being hitting the pavement and knocking on doors and looking at connected sources in the eye and asking pointed questions to open up the floodgates and expose a man who has already exposed himself to be a fraud on every level.

The next president will have to deal with a LOT, much of which will actually extend past his own term. That’s how much damage was done, not to mention the lives lost. “How bad can he be?” was the centrist response to the alarm when he won.

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